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Online Behavioural Consultation

Our online behavioural services are ideal for those who are unable to find a suitable therapist or trainer within their area or for those who would simply prefer this service.  The requirements are that you have internet access and have a webcam with microphone - most laptops, tablets and mobile phones would suffice - please call if unsure. 

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Choose your service from the options below and book your behaviour consultation today.

Excessive Barking

Our online behavioural consultation and plan includes:

Full behavioural assessment and diagnosis of the problem behaviour. 

Detailed information outlining the process for managing & modifying your pet's behaviour.

6 months of telephone and email support are also included.

The price of our basic online behavioural consultation is £240.00 and is suitable for dogs exhibiting problems such as general fears, anxiety, phobias or attention seeking problems.  Follow up sessions are priced at £70.00. 

Recommended package includes:

Our basic online behavioural consultation and plan.

2 additional follow up sessions.


Our recommended package costs £360.00 and is designed for dogs exhibiting fear based behaviours, aggression, inapproriate elimination, destructive behaviour, barking and much more. Follow up sessions are priced at £70.00. 

Behaviour Modification Process

Step 1 - Vet Check

It is important to have your veterinairian rule out any physical causes of problematic behaviour, especially if it has only recently started. 

Step 3 - Initial Consultation

This takes place online and normally lasts around 2 hours.  The aim is to fully diagnose the underlying causes of the problematic behaviour.   

Step 4 - Behaviour Modification Plan

A behavioural action plan will then be developed  along with support and guidance on how to improve or resolve their problematic behaviours. 

We will then agree upon and conduct any review sessions in order to ensure that you both remain successful.

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