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Al Rankin BSc (Hons) CDBC is a fully qualified and experienced dog behaviour consultant certified by the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants and can help with all types of problematic canine behaviour.  He fully understands the impact that inappropriate dog behaviour can have on your life and the relationship you have with your best friend.

You will receive continued support throughout the behaviour change process.


In order to reduce problematic behaviour, we must first understand what causes or motivates the behaviour, what function it serves for your dog and consider all of the contributory factors involved.  It is not simply a case of labelling a behaviour and attempting to change it, rather it is about understanding your dog and what is specifically influencing their behaviour.

Dog Behaviour Problems

Thorough Investigation

You start by completing an online behavioural assessment questionnaire followed by a face to face consultation to fully diagnose the problematic behaviour.

Dog Behaviour Modification

Analysis & Plan

Based on the behaviour and your goals, we will agree and develop a plan to tackle the problem which will include specific management & behaviour modification.

Diagnosing Dog Behaviour


You will receive a report outlining the

function of your dog's behaviour with

instructions explaining how to implement

the behavioural change plan.

Dog Training

Practical Training & Support

We will agree on the level of practical training required to implement the plan and I will provide full support throughout the behaviour change process.


I can help with all types of behaviour problems, including aggression towards people or other dogs, noise sensitivity, fears, phobias, anxieties, attention seeking behaviours and separation disorders.  Start today and improve your dog's behaviour!


Not sure if I can help you and your dog? 

Why not send me an email info@betterbehaviour.co.uk or click on the Ask Me A Question button below


Jack's barking was getting worse and worse every day and we just didn't know what to do.  We had been getting complaints from the neighbours and had received a letter from the dog warden.  Al was very understanding and explained everything really well.  Within a few weeks Jack's barking went from out of control to an occasional bark - everyone is amazed!  Thank you so much! 

Janet, Lisburn

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Al Rankin BSc (Hons) CDBC

Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant
Registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist

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