Behaviourist Provided Service




This is a special service for busy dog owners who are unable to commit to the time involved in modifying their reactive dog's behaviour or for owners who are finding it difficult to maintain the consistency needed for behavioural change.  We will complete the behaviour modification process for you before transferring the new skills to you during a number of practical sessions.

We complete a full behavioural assessment and diagnosis of the problem behaviour.

Collect and train service - we complete the behaviour modification sessions.

All sessions are led by our Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant.

We only use force free science based behaviour modification techniques that last.

Continued support will be provided should difficulties arise.

You will always be welcome to attend any of the training sessions, however this service is designed so that you do not need to attend until the latter stages.  We will take great care of your pet and ensure that all sessions are tailored to their needs - our goal will be to ensure your dog remains as calm and realxed as possible throughout the training and modification process and we will never use any aversive or punitive techniques.  The behaviour modification techniques are designed to keep your dog under their reactivity threshhold whilst teaching them more appropriate skills.

Modifying emotionally driven behaviour can take time and there are no quick fixes – in this service we will provide the time and commitment to enable effective and lasting change.

The price of this specialist service costs £1995.00 and is suitable for any type of reactivity  towards triggers such as dogs, traffic, people or other animals. 

Step 1 - Vet Check

It is important to have your veterinairian rule out any physical causes of problematic behaviour, especially if it has only recently started. 

Step 2 - Behaviour Questionnaire

You book your initial consultation appointment and complete an online behavioural assessment questionnaire  prior to our initial appointment.  Alternatively you can complete the online behavioural questionnaire  first - click here.

Step 3 - Initial Consultation

This takes place at your home and normally lasts around 2 hours.  The aim is to fully diagnose the underlying causes of the problematic behaviour.   

Step 4 - Behaviourist Delivered Service

I will undertake the complete behaviour change process for you in order to modify your dog's reactive behaviour and once complete will transfer the handling skills required so that you can maintain the new behaviour. 

This will involve me collecting your dog and conducting regular behaviour modification sessions in order to help resolve their reactive behaviour.

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Registered Accredited  Animal Behaviourist
Force Free Dog Trainer

Behaviour Modification Process