Behaviour Services



Behavioural Services

Changing problem behaviour through an expert personal service.

The process starts with you booking a behaviour consultation and completing a behavioural assessment screening questionnaire prior to the appointment.  Following the appointment you are provided with a bespoke behaviour modification plan along with practical training and support to help resolve your pet's problematic behaviours.

The Process

Book Your Consultation.

Complete Behavioural Assessment.

Develop & Agree a Plan.

Receive Practical Training & Support.

Let us help you

Book now or give me a call to find out more about our behaviour modification services.

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Toilet Training

Reactive Dog Classes

In support of reactive dogs and their individual behaviour modification plan.

These classes are suitable for select dogs who have improved sufficiently to start learning in the presence of other people and dogs.  All dogs will have undertaken a behavioural assessment and will already be undergoing behaviour modification treatment.  The classes will be small and controlled to ensure each dog can progress.

The Process

Complete Behavioural Consultation.

Commence Behaviour Modification.

Agree on Suitabilty.

Sign Up & Attend.

Dog Behaviourist Northern Ireland
Aggressive Dog
Online Behaviour Expert

Online Behaviour Consultation

Please note this service is not suitable for dogs who have exhibited aggression.

The process starts with you booking your online behaviour consultation appointment and completing a behavioural assessment screening questionnaire. Foolowing the consultation you will receive a behaviour modification plan based on your priorities along with continued support to help resolve your pet's problematic behaviours.

The Process

Book Your Appointment.

Complete Pre-Assessment Screening.

Attend Online Behaviour Consultation.

Develop & Agree a Plan.

Let us help you

We will provide you with support throughout the behaviour change programme.  Book now or contact me to find out more.


Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

Al Rankin BSc (Hons) CDBC

Registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist
Excessive Barking

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